Thursday, July 1, 2010

Medical school applications? What medical school applications?

Oh right. But doesn't everyone want to hear all the details about the wedding? What about my responsibilities to my audience? To my procrastination?

Well anyway here's some of what we did to pull off the most extraordinary wedding of our lives.

1. Eggrolls. Lots of them. We made a paltry 100 or so. My aunts and cousins made close to 600 of them.

2. Rubber stamps. They were a cheap way to class up the joint. We stamped them on our little favor cards and baggies.

The flower is from our beautiful invitations that our friend designed for us.

The finished products were little favor bags with a poem by Emily Dickinson on one side, and our flower stamp on the other.

5. Here are the flowers that my superhero brother and sister and I picked up at 9 AM the Friday morning before the wedding. We ordered flowers from Potomac Floral Wholesalers. So this meant that we had to leave the house by 7 AM to beat the Friday morning traffic in the metro DC area to get there in time. Sort of a ridiculous plan, especially when you figure that I had no actual plan for the flowers. I just walked around the warehouse picking flowers that looked pretty and were cheap (except for the peonies, which were fairly expensive and sooo worth it). The moral here is that I owe my siblings big time.

Actually we owe a lot of people big time. The weddings would have been impossible with the help of soo many people. I can't begin to enumerate the ways in which people came through for us and for my parents. It's simply incredible, and honestly makes me tear up a little to think about how much care and love was poured into our weddings from so many people. We are truly blessed.

But more to come. I didn't forget about Wedding #2. However, time for sleep is now.