Monday, April 27, 2009

The Makings of a Bridezilla

This was a real conversation I had with a vendor (more or less).

Me: So I wanted to know what your menu was for weddings.

Her: Well, we can do anything. We make whatever you want. What do YOU want? It's your special day.

Me: Well, we don't have anything particular in mind. We're just interested in serving good food.

Her: We can do anything.

Me: Okay, but can you give me a sample menu?

Her: Let me tell you about a wedding we did recently. The bride wanted 26 kinds of bread. And we did that for her. ( I think at this point, I was expected to applaud.)

Me: That's nice, but what kind of FOOD did you serve?

Her: Well, first, tell me. What is your fantasy wedding?

At this point I really should have hung up on her. Anyway needless to say, she refused to give me any details about the food they serve at the venue. And I crossed that place off my list.

Bridezillas are decisive!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Bridezillas get things done

Unfortunately, I'm not one. I'm beginning to think I've made a mistake in not throwing tantrums and trying to be considerate and reasonable with everyone. I think maybe some people are forgetting that the wedding is about us, and not about them. I know this isn't all that unusual.
Unfortunately, for them, the more they try to make me feel bad/guilty for wanting our own wedding, the less I want to have any kind of wedding.

Hmm. . . passive-aggressive bridezillas are probably the worst kind, aren't they? But still, I think I'd rather be that than a doormat bride.