Monday, April 27, 2009

The Makings of a Bridezilla

This was a real conversation I had with a vendor (more or less).

Me: So I wanted to know what your menu was for weddings.

Her: Well, we can do anything. We make whatever you want. What do YOU want? It's your special day.

Me: Well, we don't have anything particular in mind. We're just interested in serving good food.

Her: We can do anything.

Me: Okay, but can you give me a sample menu?

Her: Let me tell you about a wedding we did recently. The bride wanted 26 kinds of bread. And we did that for her. ( I think at this point, I was expected to applaud.)

Me: That's nice, but what kind of FOOD did you serve?

Her: Well, first, tell me. What is your fantasy wedding?

At this point I really should have hung up on her. Anyway needless to say, she refused to give me any details about the food they serve at the venue. And I crossed that place off my list.

Bridezillas are decisive!


Anonymous said...

Some vendors are weird. Be's the weird/bad ones that make the good ones stand out. We had one salesman show us a video. Then when the video was over, he stood up, even though I had 20 questions. He answered them (poorly) standing up. It was an easy choice to cross them off the list!

-neil h.

Jeanie said...

Maybe you could have just given him suggestions of food you were considering, b/c to me it sounded like they want to make whatever the brides ask of them until they realize they can't and then they'll tell you they can't. You could have asked if they made Cambodian food!