Monday, October 5, 2009

Yep, still getting married

Hello. Just thought I'd say hi. I don't have anything to report. We're just cruising along. I've been popping into shoe stores that are having sales. Also, I've started to stash away money in a little envelope marked wedding shoes. This is my way of budgeting for things that aren't really important. My thinking is if I can forego enough overpriced cups of coffee or pack my own lunch to afford these shoes, then I can buy them.

Oh wait, I should take this moment to recognize FP for his collection activities. He spent the morning the other day at a church sale and found some really nice vases for us and free wine carafes that we can use for flowers. We're just sort of poking around thrift stores and yard sales and picking up piece we find interesting, and we'll use them on the tables or as the ceremony decorations. So props to my man for his bargain-seeking eye.

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