Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding? What wedding?

It's absolutely true that the wedding will take up whatever space in your life that you let it. I feel like I went from obsessing about all the details and figuring out all the logistics of the event every day to not thinking about it for weeks. I finally delegated tasks to good ol' FP, and he is happily not doing anything about it, and I honestly don't care. I guess at some point, we'll have to do the invitations, but that is months and months away. Right now, we're just going through the normal ups and downs for two imperfect people making and sharing a life together.

Although it's not all "doing laundry and watching Jeopardy" bliss in our household. We bought our wedding rings! Michael C. Fina had a sample sale. We went to look at rings, found two that we liked, had a moment, and decided, why wait? We got a great deal and beautiful rings. Woohoo! We're getting closer and closer to this whole wedding/marriage thing.

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