Saturday, August 29, 2009

Why, Hello There!

I have come to realize that I am a callous blogger. I mean, what other word can describe a person who starts a relationship and then leaves it, simply out of boredom. That's just not right. People want to know, did we pick our florist, are we going with a dj or an IPOD, and what oh what will I be wearing on my head next June? You do, don't you?

Well, in any case, you deserve some attention now and then. Although let's be honest, this attention is really my attention, or rather paying attention to me. Blogging is a strange and fascinating phenomenom. I just saw Julie and Julia, which was a nice movie, but the Julie character's relationship to her readers and her own ego was foreign to me. I guess that means I won't be writing a book to be made into a movie about myself anytime soon.

But I digress, dear friends. The wedding. The wedding is what we've come here to talk about. And talk about it, we shall. Talk. Talk. Talk. Today, FP and I decided that we accomplished a lot of wedding planning by looking at photographer websites and talking about what we wanted and what we were willing to pay. I have realized that most of wedding planning is talking. The decision, once made, is quick. Yes, we are having a luncheon wedding. Deposit is down. We are in. Snap. It was the months of talking and exploring our options that were so excruciating.

But it has to be done. Wouldn't you feel just a little bit guilty if your wedding planning was easy? I mean, don't you care about your wedding? How can you not stress out about the BIGGEST day of your life? Everyone you care about will be there. Don't you want to make sure that it's perfect? Don't you want to guarantee that it's fun? How do we know you're getting married if you're not constantly fretting about your wedding and reading wedding magazines? This is the state of the modern wedding.

Anyway it's silly. We know it's silly, but we still do it. We know what's important and what's not, but we are social creatures, subject to the influences and pressures of the world around us. So be it.

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