Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Well, dang, if I ain't gettin' merrid in four months. . .

The wedding is actually close. I tend to ignore people when they say this. Mostly because I feel like I've been hearing that from the moment we got engaged. But the other day I looked at the calendar. . . Eeek!

This is not to say that I've done nothing for the wedding. It's just that it's crunch time now. But I also have to study for the MCAT and apply to medical school first. I know. Where are my priorities?

And of course, the solution is to make a list. No, I'm not actually going to do anything. Man, who does things in wedding planning, anyway? It's mostly daydreams and cake tastings.

Here are the things that we should remember to do for the wedding:

1. Find out where they will let us do it. Fortunately for us, it turns out that we're so marriageable, we get to have two weddings. We've reserved a date at the church, and at my parents' house (they book so early!). Now, all we need to do is confirm it and also figure out if we're supposed to do anything when we get there. (We also finished our pre-marital counseling/pre-Cana course, which I might address in another post about 5 months from now. That's how this blog rolls.)

2. Get food. Actually we're paying people to feed our guests. We reserved both reception sites. There will be food. We're tasting it next month. This is how I'm certain there will be food.

3. Get a dress. This is really too easy.

4. Play music. We're working on it. And by we, I mean, FP is e-mailing up a storm.

5. Invite people. We get a look at the initial design for our invitations this weekend. My talented friend and I had a pow-wow a few weeks back. She caught on really quickly to our sense of aesthetics, and I trust her artistic instincts. I can't wait to see what she came up with. Also, I can't wait to see who actually responds when we ask for addresses.

5. Get tux. Whoops, not my job.

6. Get pictures. I really lucked out with my talented friends. I spent two years in the Peace Corps with our photog, and now he's flying out to shoot our wedding. Amazing.

7. Favors. My mom has been giving me weekly updates on the status of the favors I didn't ask for. They are done. Sweet.

8. Figuring out where people should stay overnight. Again, FP is working the phones on this one. I'm sure we will find some establishments that will take your money so that you can sleep in their bed.

9. Flowers. One word: included. Six months ago, I had this grand plan to do flowers myself. And then I was like, what? are you stupid? The reception venue includes flowers in the package. The only other thing I need to do is wrap ribbon around a bunch of carnations for the bridal/bridesmaid bouquets, and we are done. Easy is much much better than vintage-bohemian-Anthropologie-inspired expensive florals.

10. Miscellaneous. These are things that I might do if I remember or if we have a spare thousand dollars lying around.

- Veil, Shoes, Accessories

- Programs

- Makeup

- Welcome bags

- Karaoke DJ

- Wedding cake

- Ring pillow

- Placecards

- Table numbers

- Alternatives to rice/petal throwing that don't involve me getting burned by a sparkler

You can continue to add to this list. I'm sure my mom will.

But in the meantime, I'm thinking about wearing this in my hair.
Etsy is awesome.


Charis said...

that is an awseome headpiece. Where did you get it in etsy???

Ive got 6 months to go, it comes up really quick!

ChendaBride said...

Yep. It's from Etsy. I actually haven't bought it yet. But the shop is called whichgoose. If you click on the word, Etsy, in the sentence next to the picture, you can get to the listing.

6 months will fly by, btw. Good luck!