Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh right, I got married.

So I guess we've kind of busy. You know, actually getting married. But here are some pictures.

Mom and Dad walked me down the aisle.

We are married by the Catholic Church!

Our amazing wedding party. I am so glad I didn't match the bridesmaid dresses. It saved me so much work, and the women look awesome.

My dad gives a great speech. I basically couldn't look at my dad all weekend. Every time I looked at him, he looked so happy that I started to cry. He's so sweet.
Dad and I danced to "Lean on Me." FP and his mother danced to "You are the Sunshine of My Life."
And there was lots of dancing despite the heat.
Wedding 1= success. These are just from Saturday. We have a whole other wedding to report on too. . .

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Emily said...

Great post! Loved, loved, loved your wedding. Both of them. I wish we could do it again! Hmmm, renenwal of vows in a few years?