Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Centerpiece Inspiration

(photos by Jeff Tisman, found on Brooklyn Bride)

I came across these centerpieces from a wedding showcased on Style Me Pretty today. I love it. I love the mix of vases and containers, minimal but vibrant flowers. This is exactly what I'd like to achieve at our wedding. Just so simply lovely.


Meghan said...

So Future Hubby and I hit a landmark yesterday and signed our contract for the reception venue. I just saw your post about scouring NoVA for places. I'm not sure if this would work for you, but we selected The Odyssey boat at Gangplank Marina in D.C.. Most of our motivation to do that was its all-inclusiveness that you like. DJ or band, cake, food, decorations, open bar. It may be worth a look...good luck!

Samantha said...

Those centerpieces are so lovely! I love the simplicity of each style and I think that would really work best on my wedding tables as well. They look so alive... i just can't help myself but admire these ideas.