Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last night my mother mentioned in passing that she had asked my sister to call the Kennedy Center. Right, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, where people go to see the opera in Washington, DC.

I am really trying not to be a brat. I really am. But seriously, what in any of our conversations about the wedding has caused my mother to think that the Kennedy Center would be something that we'd like. Being the good sport that I am, I did look at their website for prices, and the rental fees at least are quite reasonable. (see! this is me being a good sport) But this is definitely not what we want for our wedding. I'm sure that it's a beautiful space with beautiful views of the city, and everyone would be duly impressed, but it is simply not us. Anyhow this makes me wonder what other places has she been thinking about without consulting me.

Later, she called back because she had called the bridal dresser and she wants us to trek all the way up to Gaithersburg, MD to pick out our clothes for the Cambodian engagement ceremony in March. I don't care what clothes I wear. I don't want to spend two hours in a car to look at clothing that all looks the same to me. At least, though, I will choose my wedding day outfit too. Two birds. One long-ass car-ride stone. I have already told my mother that I would not be changing my outfit multiple times, as is usual with a Cambodian wedding ceremony. I think that usually the bride changes 4 times. I could tell that she was disappointed, and I'm sure she's thinking about her friends who will be asking, "Why is the bride wearing the same outfit from 20 minutes ago? What sort of chicanery is it?", but two wedding outfits (wedding dress and Cambodian gear) is enough.

Anyway tomorrow we leave to go down with FP's parents for a visit with my parents. They've insisted that we all stay together in the house so that we will have plenty of time to talk about the wedding. The prospect of weekend-long wedding talk makes ill, but I suppose it needs to be done.


Elle said...

The Kennedy Center - I never thought of that! You could do it very goth style. Phantom of the Opera themed? I remember the carpets being bright red - not sure if they are anymore though.

tohruchan said...

hiiii.. i found your blog on weddingbee. i'm a khmer bride too! =D i can totally relate to all your wedding planning - mom drives me crazy frustrations. =) you are definite not alone! (and i'm so glad its overwith!) =)

ChendaBride said...

haha. I'm sure that my mom was thinking goth when she was considering it. hehe.

tohruchan, yay another khmer bride on internet! i looked at your wedding website. GORGEOUS. looks like a lot of work went into it. Congratulations on getting married! we'll be there in a year and a half. fingers crossed. anyway i'd like to pass along your website to my in-laws so that they can see how it's done. would you mind? thanks!

tohruchan said...

thanks! and you're right- a LOT of work went into it- much more than i had anticipted! the wedding was much more stressful than it was joyous. nevertheless, the pics did turn out great!

for your inlaws, you can refer them to our wedding slideshow for the pics (i update the link on my sn) the other site is targeted more towards other brides in the planning process. (also, i don't want your inlaws to hear me complain about my mom! lol).