Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now we just need a date.

TheKnot is on clearance!

Six words: snow globe save-the-date magnets.

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Meghan said...

Okay, so I'm really excited that I have someone else with whom I can share wedding woes.

My craziest plight thus far is that I was really tired of dresses with no sleeves, as the wedding magazines seemed that such a style was destined to be my fate. Through a series of fortunate events, I found that the Mormons still make modest dresses with sleeves (and I only wanted short sleeves, anyway!) So long story spliced down, I flew to Utah with a couple of friends to go shopping. And I found my dress in the first three hours I was there. And then jumped in the Great Salt Lake.

If this doesn't encapsulate the instability that results from wedding planning, I don't think anything does.

I have your back.