Wednesday, December 17, 2008

That's your wedding song?

A while back, FP and I were driving around and a cheesy song came on the radio, which of course got us thinking about our wedding and what we would dance to. We came up with mostly funny, inappropriate ones. Unfortunately, we weren't really keeping track of the gems we came up with (we seriously do not pay nearly enough attention to our comic genius selves). Now, however, we came up with an idea to make mixed CD of all the wedding songs that didn't make the cut. So I'm on the lookout for songs that maybe, are sort of love songs, but if you listen to it, it's really not appropriate to play a wedding, or are just plain funny slow-tempo songs. This is our list so far:

Never Give Your Heart Away Completely, by Carlton and the Shoes
Every Breath You Take, by the Police
Crash Into Me, by Dave Matthews Band
Something Stupid, by Nancy Sinatra
Get It On, by T-Rex

Any other suggestions out there?

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