Friday, January 2, 2009

Helloooo 2009!

Happy New Year, everyone! I have many happy news to report.

1. I'm officially 29 years old. Whoa.

2. We have a potential reception site and date! WHOA!

The Bumper Car Pavilion
Inside the pavilion

Having our wedding reception at an old-school amusement park really appeals to our sense of aesthetics. Glen Echo Park is a really fun place. We took swing dancing lessons there a few years ago. Anyway we've reserved the Bumper Car Pavilion for last Saturday in June 2010. All the other weekends in June were already booked! And we thought we were being so clever by giving ourselves more time to plan. Oh well. Anyway we are contacting the caterers and getting proposals so depending on what we get from them, we will sign the contract with Glen Echo in two weeks. Woohoo! Keeping our fingers crossed.
3. We got good grades this semester which means that after the wedding we will have a reasonably comfortable future, or at least paying jobs. Here's hoping this continues as the planning gets a bit more involved.
4. We have been blessed by so many things this past year, and we got to see lots of people who make our lives wonderful. Tons of people came up to New York for FP's surprise 30th birthday party. We got to hang out with the CA cousins over Thanksgiving weekend. We saw Grandma and the Fl dynamic duo, my aunt and uncle from Cambodia, the cousin gang in VA, new babies, cute dogs, and old friends.
We are defiintely looking forward to what the new year will bring, and we wish you all many happy tidings as well!

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Emily said...

Chenda, that site looks so cool! And congratulations on the great grades! I never had a doubt.