Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, folks, don't rush to purchase your carnival masks for our wedding. This is apparently not nice enough for the wedding of their eldest daughter. Why not? I mean who doesn't want to have a wedding reception in an old outdoor bumper car pavilion in the middle of a DC summer with no air conditioning? Balloon animals? Carousel rides? My parents simply don't have our vision. Also it's 45 minutes from where the ceremony is taking place. Unreasonable! But this is our reality.

I have to say that this isn't exactly unexpected. But I am holding onto the hope that there is a middle ground, that we can find a place that's fun and relaxed but also sufficiently respectable for the 'rents. Any suggestions for venues in the northern VA/DC area that accomodates 250-300 people would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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