Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Save the . . .

Please don't be fooled by this post. We still have no idea when or where we're getting married. But we've started brainstorming ideas for our save-the-dates. We are nothing, if not logical people. So here's a couple and let me know what you think.

1. FP recently got a cute birthday card (Thanks, Sarah!) and we thought it might be cute to do something similar for our STD. The card had a silly picture on it. Then said "Congratulations on your ____" There was a checklist of funny things.

So we were thinking:

Save the ____





But with cooler graphics, etc.

(This image is from goldenstate.wordpress, but I'm not sure what the copyright is. So this may be removed soon. Enjoy for now.)
This idea is pretty brilliant, but probably not feasible. We need a picture of ourselves tied to railroad tracks with our wedding date on the rope. An evil villain with a moustache in the background and a train bearing down on us. Save the Date! Get it. Get it?

We love puns.

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