Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inspired by Martha Stewart

Bridal Canvas is a free webtool (via iDIY) that allows you to make an inspiration board (inexplicably, all brides have turned into interior and graphic designers). Anyway I've been snooping around Martha Stewart Weddings to find things and colors that I liked. I call this Martha Stewart Summer Citrus.

(All images are from Martha Stewart Weddings. Top row: 1. Photocopied pictures as chocolate bar wrappers 2. Pompom decorations 3. Colorful ranunculus 4. Wine-infused citrus gelatin squares 4. Silk flower garlands
Bottom row: 1. Photo table numbers 2. Cafe au lait bowls filled with flowers 3. Mac and cheese appetizer 4. Potted plant placecard 5. Tissue-paper-flower-wrapped favors)

The bridal transition team will be wearing different colors: lemony yellow, raspberry, coral, tangerine, lime green, etc. We haven't chosen the fabric yet, but I'm basically going for a bright, summery, colorful look.
(these images are mine)
Like the Dahlia Garden in San Francisco.

Oh, Happy Inauguration Day!

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Emily said...

I love the dahlia garden, and I love that I was with you when you took those pictures! Also, I still can't get over the cakes (drools).