Thursday, January 15, 2009

Irony is the theme for our wedding

I wish. FP is not on this bus. As much as he agrees with me that weddings are ridiculous, ostentatious, over-priced rituals, he wants to have an earnest one. I like to think that someone is looking out for me by pairing me up with this loving stick-in-the-mud because often his more conservative sensibilities are what stops me from alienating everyone at our wedding.

Me: How about I carry a bouquet of money down the aisle?
FP: No
Me: What about having the song, "Always," on repeat throughout the cocktail hour?
FP: No
Me: So I guess you were only kidding when you said we should word our invitations with quotation marks [i.e. We request the "pleasure" of your company at our wedding.]
FP: You know this is a real wedding, right?

A friend of ours actually gave us the advice to plan the alternative wedding at the same time as the real one. So the real wedding you serve filet mignon, and at the alternative, you serve ice cream sundaes. This makes the process fun, but the problem for me is understanding the line between planning a fun, real wedding and a fun, fake wedding. And that is where FP comes in nicely to say: We are not planning our wedding to encourage chuckles and snickers.

Alas, he is right. We're having a wedding because we love our families and friends and we want them to share in our new life together. It means a lot to us and to them, so Earnest Wedding it is.

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Meghan said...

If you don't already, you should definitely write a humor column.

I think that Future Hubby and I went through that same kind of struggle--where does the snark end and the earnest begin? I think there should definitely be some snark throughout the planning process, or you just get overwhelmed. I think that we plan to implement a few ridiculous things, but they'll be harmless and not specifically to make a statement.