Thursday, January 22, 2009

The wedding planning that I've done this week

This will be our method of vetting wedding ideas.

Letterpress invitations?

Flea-market vases?

In truth, I've done nothing.
Have I called that venue to follow up? Have I made an appointment with a bridal salon? Have I registered anywhere? Have I come up with a budget and total guest list for the wedding? Have I made any real decisions regarding said wedding?
The most recent important decision: give ourselves plenty of time to procrastinate, er enjoy the engagement.


John said...

Where the hell were those pictures taken? And what were you two smoking?

Globetrottingbride said...

That is so funny. Definitely give yourselves some time to enjoy being engaged. That's the best part!!

Michelle @ My Wedding Report said...

I've been so slow too, but that is the best part of a long engagement. We get to plan the engagement part because it is not all about stressful wedding planning decisions.

Chris said...

I think Chris' "Mack" shirt is the shit! He should definetly wear that to the wedding.

Chris' outfit: Done

Your Welcome.

Cathy's Chris