Sunday, January 18, 2009

Piece of Cake?

So I've decided to try to bake our wedding cake. Or at least one of them. Anyway I had been thinking about what I can do to "personalize" my wedding (other than showing up). I like to bake so I thought, Why not? Anyway I'm going to try out recipes from now until the wedding. This cake is the Magnolia Bakery Vanilla Birthday cake. Yum!

The batter is sooooo delicious.

Happy little cakes in the oven.

The recipe is for 3 9-inch cakes, but I only had two cake pans so I made cupcakes with the leftover batter. However, next time I think I will just fill the two cake pans with all the batter. The cakes came out a little lopsided. Oh well. This is why I'm practicing.

Ready to be frosted. The frosting was a little too runny.
But I didn't want to add more sugar. Maybe I should next time,
or maybe I need to let it sit.

My two-layer vanilla buttercream cake.
If any of you live in New York and want to share a piece, let me know :-)

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Miss Rye Bread said...

share the recipe love! :) I made the hazelnut-brown-butter cake recently from smittenkitchen (and then made it again it was so good!).